At your best when your best is needed...


We believe the club experience not only can be, but should be, about more than just skills training. Traditionally a club is focused only on making a better volleyball player, we believe your club experience in 2018-19 should do that and much more.
After years of observation and experience we know proper planning and execution can produce positive results physically and emotionally for an athlete.  A direction that will not only improve your daughter's skill performance, but will encourage a focus on the things we believe provide consistency and foster that elusive "will to win." Things like: communication, interaction, trust, effort, work ethic...the things we all talk about after the fact but fail to address during the process. A lesson, a clinic, and eventually a practice with our staff will teach you and your daughter how to constantly address and reward each other for attention paid to these so called "intangibles".

If you want your daughter to perform in the most critical, pressure-filled competitive moments, you must create an atmosphere that will build and sustain the trust necessary to be at their best when their best is needed. These kinds of results are rarely obtained within the traditional club model; a model in which the obvious is reinforced with obvious methods. We believe we have a unique and innovative approach to the club experience. An approach which will enhance the opportunities  athletes have to be a contributing part of something bigger than ourselves. If your daughter and her team are repeating the same drills, hearing the same keywords, repeating the same punishment for the same offenses, your coach and club is stumped on how to maximize court space and practice time, then you may be a perfect candidate for Holy City Volleyball.

We understand the ease in keeping the traditionally accepted "intangibles" as just that, intangible. Ease is not something you should associate with making those abstract qualities of communication, work ethic, and effort into concrete, measurable, and pervasive fundamentals. We at Holy City Volleyball believe the concepts we present require hard work and reflective thought from coaches, players, and parents. We believe the enduring lessons coaches provide come through connecting one's team to each other in ways that force your athletes, and you, to confront their weaknesses and turn them into life-long strengths. 
Training at maximum accountability, taking repetitions in conjunction with emotional interaction, and changing one's reward from "how easy I can make this" to "how transformative I can be" is not for every team, nor is it for every club. Holy City Volleyball is looking for players and parents who are ready to take action, ready to experience  rewarding change, and ready to create new traditions through progression.